360 Blockchain Inc Change Its Name To Codebase Ventures Inc

360 Blockchain Inc Change Its Name To Codebase Ventures Inc

360 Blockchain Inc has reportedly announced the renaming to Codebase Ventures Inc. The renaming of the company has widened its scope to invest in technologies with a probability of wide adoption. The technologies that the company intends to invest in will provide high returns to shareholders. As a result of the renaming, the company’s website addresses have also changed to codebase.ventures.

Commenting on the company’s new investment strategy, Codebase’s CEO George Tsafalas said technologies although bring with the new challenges, it always does bring with it new opportunities. The hand-on investors are expecting for the amazing returns it does make sense for the company to expand its horizon across blockchain to enable the team to identify the opportunities and grab them before anyone else.

Following the name changing ceremony, Jeff Koyen would take up the role of Chief Strategy Officer at the Codebase. Koyen has previously worked as Strategic Advisor at 360 Blockchain Inc and was also designated as the CEO of 360 Blockchain USA. Even after the change in the role, Koyen will continue to manage the portfolio of the company and will also look forward to new investment opportunities.

The company is optimistic for the blockchain technology which is expected to drastically hail the ways business is conducted. The company is also expecting great returns from the current investment as it looks forward to providing value to its shareholders, added Koyen. However, he further added, to be able to outstanding innovation in tech, the company will have to expand its horizon and set new goals.

The company reportedly closed a CAD $1 million financial funding round. The funds have been set aside by the company to make future investments under its new name. As of now following are the items that are included in the company’s portfolio –

  1. Pressland, one of its kind comprehensive maps of the world media supply chain, created to restore public trust.
  2. Arcology, creating the next generation of enterprise blockchains.
  3. ICO Ranker, the industry standard for reliable reviews as well as analysis of token sales.
  4. Blockchain Ranker, a B2B directory of high-rated blockchain software, platforms, service providers, as well as developers.

The company also enjoys minority stakes in ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc as well as Nerds on Site. Following the change in the name, the company’s trading symbols would remain unaffected:

  • FWB: C5B

It is also important to note that following the reorganization, the operation at SV CryptoLab has been suspended owing to the flat cryptocurrency market. In case the prices recover the operations are likely to resume on a new location where the cost of utility would be relatively low. Trading on the CSE is already started under the new name.