A Closer Look at Canada’s First Publicly-Traded Blockchain Stock – BTL Group (OTCMKTS:BTLLF)


Below we take a closer look at Canada’s first publicly-traded Blockchain stock company – BTL Group (OTCMKTS:BTLLF).

Stock Quote:

(Source: Reuters.com)

Being a micro-cap company, it has a market capitalization of around only $91.66 Million.

BTL Group is working on the very far future, rather the very near one. It has created an enterprise-grade private blockchain development platform called Interbit. Application Developers can gain the advantage of the power and benefits of blockchain technology using Interbit.

Latest BTL News

BTL Launches Interbit Platform for Testing and Feedback on April 23, 2018

In this testing and feedback phase, users of Interbit will be able to:

  • Access the Interbit Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Navigate to open source Interbit app repos on Github
  • Create their own platform blockchain account and interact with it through a block explorer
  • Begin building multi blockchain apps
  • Preview the Interbit Store
  • Contact BTL for queries and support
  • Receive regular platform software updates every 2 weeks
  • Connect with BTL’s business leads

BTL™ Provides Update on Interbit™ and Operations on July 17, 2018

  • Since this release date the Company has completed 42 software updates to the Interbit core and platform, successfully directed towards improving the platform’s stability and functionality
  • The Company continues work on Phase 2 with the participants in its European energy trading project (see the Company’s January 22, 2018 press release) to build the OneOffice application for Interbit to deliver cost savings across the trade life cycle for natural gas.

Insider Selling: BTL Group Ltd (CVE:BTL) Director Sells 2,500 Shares of Stock on August 7, 2018

  • BTL Group Ltd (CVE:BTL) Director Hugh Halford-Thompson sold 2,500 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction on Tuesday, August 7th.
  • The shares were sold at an average price of C$4.14, for a total transaction of C$10,350.00.

They have put in a lot of efforts into Research & Development to bring this upgraded technology to market i.e. Interbit.

How it differentiates over the previous versions of the Blockchain technology?

(Source: BTL Group Investor Presentation)

To understand the usefulness of Interbit, one must understand what the blockchain technology is.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared ledger technology. Every transaction is recorded by all participants and agreed upon democratically. Since every participant has an identical copy of the ledger, historical information cannot be altered. This allows users to put a lot of trust into the way that people transact. Any time that information, such as payments, is needed to be transferred blockchain technology allows that information to be transmitted securely and with proper verifications.

This has a Shortcoming of lesser speed and lower privacy rates. BTL Group claims that these are improved in Interbit technology.

The Underlying Technology – INTERBIT!

Interbit being the 3rd generation blockchain, is an open network application, allowing it to hold any type of data. This feature allows the data to be shared instantaneously. The Interbit architecture is the one of its unique features. To allow for true privacy and scalability, it allows multiple individual blockchains operating at various levels. Unlike other blockchains which keep a record of every transaction from the very beginning, Interbit allows the creation of small chains which can be used and then thrown away when no longer needed.

For example, say two users within the enterprise Interbit blockchain want to interact with each other, but do not want the data to be available to all users. A segregated and throw-away blockchain can be immediately created for that information. When it is no longer needed, it can be deleted and not be available as a security risk.

(Source: BTL Group Investor Presentation)

This means that on Interbit, some data can be openly available to all users, such as offered trades, but the actual sale can be kept confidential.

Interbit is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of transactions per second compared to Bitcoin which can support only seven transactions per second is a big plus.

Partners and Projects

BTL Group Possesses the Big Corporations as Their Clientele


In the six month pilot with Visa and 6 European Banks conducted this year, Visa (along with the rest of participants) saw reduced time and risk with money movements using Interbit. This has helped them reduce business costs. Transferring money between banks within a fraction of second is possible with Interbit.


British Petroleum, Eni Trading & Shipping, and Wien Energie were participants in a successful 12 week pilot of an energy trading confirmation application built on BTL’s Interbit platform.

Outstanding results were observed by using Interbit reducing the time, labor, costs, errors and risks. This was achieved by streamlining many back office and trading requirements.


One of the earliest uses of the Interbit application was in the creation of Secure Play, a fantasy sports system to run contests, games, and transactions.

It handles hence, a range of industries from a minor gaming thing to managing billions of dollars’ worth of currency or energy contracts.


The main advantages of Interbit is the speed and ease that a complex record keeping system can be created. So, an application of this nature normally requires networking, backups, database, security, and more. Interbit has all these requirements already in a very simple package.

Interbit was recently set up to keep track of a product in the supply chain. The business used to use 20,000 lines coded programs after which Interbit provided the exact same level of service using just 67 lines of code. Hence, Faster, Easier to maintain and Lesser Complexity.

(Source: BTL Group Investor Presentation)


  • Interbit might never catch on as a “must-have” application
  • Competitor might destroy the Moat with more better products
  • Cryptocurrency and/or Blockchain Companies might ‘pop’ sending all related stocks/coins down.
  • ESOPs provided to Company’s management will dilute the shareholders equity and it will hurt more to the shareholders when the Company actually starts making money.


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