ABCC Crypto Exchange First To List TRON’s TRC10 Tokens


As per the latest tweets posted on 15 January 2019, ABCC Cryptocurrency Exchange announced that it has entered into a partnership with Tron Foundation which owns the ninth largest Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX). With this token listing, the ABCC Cryptocurrency Exchange becomes the first of its kind of exchange to list TRX10 tokens.

The TRON protocol is one of the biggest blockchain-based operating systems in the World. In this ecosystem, base public blockchain support is provided with key advantages which include a high level of throughput, scalability, and availability for the system running decentralized apps.

TRON system claims to overcome the issues like high energy consumption, lower efficiency and low transaction per second, faced by the current proof of work mechanism. TRON achieves this extra efficiency as it supports a unique Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) mechanism. Smart Contract in the system is developed on Java Language providing the uses the flexibility to convert Complex concepts and models into utility applications. TRC10 and TRC20 are the tokens issued by the TRON network. TRC10 is a technical token standard which is supported by TRON blockchain with does not involves TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), while TRC20 is a technical standard token (which looks like a successor to TRC10) used in the smart contract transactions with the help of the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM).

Developers and Token Structure learning curve are comparatively easier for the TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. TRC10 tracking can be done seamlessly as the tracking features are pre-defined in it, while for TRC20 the user may need a third party platform for tracking purposes.

With the rising prices of TRX, the ABCC Exchange has already on 9 January 2019 tweeted that the Exchange is currently working for the listing of the TRON tokens i.e. TRC10 and TRC20.

During the month of December, TRON CEO Justin Sun said that the Company will be soon initiating ways for funding which would be a great support for the Ethereum and EOS developers who were in the fear of their platforms’ collapse. During the same time, the crypto market was continuing the crypto price fall with TRON’s token price slashing down to 44% on the month, trading at $0.013.

The Other Latest Tokens added by ABCC Cryptocurrency Exchange for Depositing and Trading were ZCO, CRO, LSK, XDCE, ZEC, LINKA, OCN, OCP, and DACC.


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