ACES Updates Bitcoin/ARK Service, Website And API Market Documentation


ARK Contract Execution Services (ACES) have completed updating the Bitcoin/ARK service that provides liquid transactions between Bitcoin and ARK. The channel service leverages both bitcoin and ARK listeners. It also allows the users to open channels with any service provider to create a link between bitcoin and ARK addresses.

The channel service is open to the users which signify that bitcoin can be send via a specified address and receive an equivalent amount of ARK in their respective connection address. In other words, anytime bitcoin address obtains funds, the tokens are transferred via the ARK blockchain.

The channel is also open to other crypto currencies. For instance, ACES ARK listener service detects the bitcoin transaction and prompts the relevant service to be carried on the Ethereum blockchain.

Tha ability to create channel service exposes the users to more avenues including the dynamic service that has a service link. With the link, every time the BTC is received at the specified BTC Service Receiving Address, Ethereum is also moved to the Eth receiving address. Service linking enables new blockchains commands to quickly connect to the single coin so as to gain access to all the nearby blockchain services within the ACES marketplace.

ARK have also upgraded its website to reflect clearly on the current project. The company has also advanced its marketplace API Documentation that provides all-in-one shop to transact the ACES contracts. The API marketplace gives the consumers and developers a chance to receive and send data to the marketplace.

ARK is basically a platform the allow users, developers, and startup companies to have a direct access to the blockchain technologies and networks. By embracing the blockchain technology, ARK develops necessary bridges to permit the utilization of a span of blockchain networks. ACES project has allowed the ARK network to freely connect with various cryptocurrencies including the bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin blockchains through the SmartBridge technology.