Aid:Tech and Irish Red Cross Collab on Blockchain-Based “traceDonate” App


“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference”

To take is easy, but to give is pretty tougher at times. When one gives the needy with what he/she needs, then here we call it a “Donation”. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a donor to find a beneficiary while sometimes more difficult for a beneficiary to find an appropriate donor. Here we have many intermediaries which act as a link between the two parties like NGOs, Trusts, Foundation, and similar peers. For example, Rahul donates some amount to an NGO. How will Rahul make sure that the money has reached the right destination i.e. to the needy to whom it is intended to be paid? What if the third party nibbles some amount or all amount? How will one know? Seems pretty difficult to answer.

Aid:Tech, a Dublin based blockchain startup firm has recently announced of getting into an agreement with Irish Red Cross to release an application which can make sure that a donation is reached the right pockets.

The name of the blockchain-based application is “TraceDonate”. This App utilizes the main feature of blockchain technology “Transparency” to trace the donated amount by the donor.

TraceDonate leverages the AID:Tech Blockchain platform built on Hyperledger fabric. The App also provides freedom to donors to donate funds to individuals, groups, and other charity clubs. Using the mobile application, the donors can keep a track of their contribution and stay informed accordingly. The App also comes up with the history of the contributions made by the donor, hence he can easily re-send if any contribution directly from the history section with fewer efforts.

Donor Flow:

The Donors once they either download the TraceDonate application or visit on the web, they need to start browsing by creating an account with the required information provided. Once after logging in the system, donors can select the group, appeal or the beneficiaries they wish to donate to. After selecting the group, the donor has to select the item he/she wishes to donate and also checking out via seamless integration with Stripe. The donor can view the donation history and do re-donation with one click. Once a particular donation is made, its tracking starts and appears in the Trace dashboard. Beneficiaries can easily avail the contribution by using their AID:Tech Digital IDs. Once the donation is finally reached, the App affirms by sending the relevant notification.

Beneficiary Flow:

Once the contribution is received by the beneficiary, he/she can make purchases with that amount in store or online. The money will be debited from the balance amount and the same will be notified to the donor too.

One of the most frequent questions that may arise after hearing about the involvement of blockchain technology is: Do one has to do payments in Cryptocurrency or Tokens?

No. There is no need of making donations in cryptocurrency or tokens. TraceDonate, as explained in the Donor flow, is built in collab with Stripe – a global online payment processor. This simply means that payment can be made easily using the user’s debit card or credit card, which includes American Express.


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