Amsterdam’s Airport Helps Passengers Swap Leftover Euros For Ethereum, Bitcoin


Passengers will now be able to convert their euros into Bitcoin or Ethereum following recent move by Schipol, which happens to be Amsterdam’s international airport, to install a new Cryptocurrency ATM.

Latest developments

The announcement was made on Wednesday where the airport made it known that it was assessing the demand for top two cryptocurrencies among passengers. The six-month trial according to a person well conversant with the matter is the first of its kind ever conducted by any European airport.

The strategic positioning of the ATM will make it easier for the outbound travelers to convert the remainder of their euros into the two biggest cryptocurrencies in terms of the market cap. The crypto ATM is found in the Arrival Hall 2 which according to sources is also accessible via the corridor to Departure Halls 1 and 2 where there are usually a large number of passengers awaiting departure.

A focus into the near future

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s director of consumer products and services Tanja Dik during a recent interview outlined that the Bitcoin ATM was a great addition because it was going to help them a great deal especially in terms of simplifying the processes the various customers.

Quite a significant number of them have been looking forward to such a moment where they would be able to easily exchange ‘local’ euros for the ‘global’ cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is a great move since the customers are unable to spend euros in their home country.

ByeleX has been a rather instrumental partner when it comes to the installation of the 2-way ATM accepts euro bills. Basically, ByeleX happens to be a Dutch software services firm concentrating in the provision of crypto ATMs, an undertaking that is usually facilitated by ‘Byecoin’ which happens to be one of its subsidiaries.

Australia’s Brisbane airport is so far the third-busiest airport in terms of the passenger traffic and market observers have praised its latest move of introducing crypto payments in the various retail establishments across the airport’s two terminals at the opening of this year.