Angry Birds Game Development Team Raises $40 Million For Blockchain Gaming Network

Angry Birds Game Development Team Raises $40 Million For Blockchain Gaming Network

Cocos-BCX, a Beijing-based blockchain gaming platform in a new financing from global investors including BlockVC, 500 Startups, NEO Global Capital and Binance Labs, has managed to raise close to $40 million. The open-source game development platform created by the co-founding team of Cocos2d-x has produced some of the most epic mobile games including Clash of Kings, Angry Birds, and Badlands.

Richard Yang, Co-founder of Cocos-BCX mentioned in a statement that development of a game using blockchain technology is a natural fit. He further said that “Within any game, there is an economy”, and blockchain technology allows the players as well as the developers to validate scarcity.” In simple words to manage the ownership and supply of virtual resources which the players collect while playing games like coins, cards, weapons and rare items the blockchain technology can be used.

Last month, one of the posts on the Medium platform by Cocos-BCX suggested that blockchain technology will help in widening the relationship between developers and gamers as the technology creates a more transparent community around game mechanics. This will be made possible because of the source code which is visible and verifiable by the public.

As per reports, the Cocos-BCX platform will include a development environment, a public blockchain and a blockchain-based game engine called CocosChain. The major aim behind the development of a blockchain-based gaming platform is to offer a one-stop-shop where game developers can release, maintain, and produce new games across multiple blockchain systems.

Haozhi Chen, founder of Cocos-BCX mentioned – “The new financial assistance from global investors will help the company to focus more about the blockchain gaming industry and bring the change in the market faster than anyone else working in the gaming space.” Chen further added that the company hopes that the existing community of 1.1 million developers of Cocos2d-x will boost the adoption of Cocos-BCX.

Last month at an annual gaming trade show “ChinaJoy” which occurred in Shanghai an alpha test version of the platform was released. Now, the beta version of the platform is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. Reports are also there that the beta version of the platform will be followed by a formal launch which is scheduled to the first or second quarter of 2019.

Last month another blockchain-based game platform ‘GXCWorld’ made an announcement of a game blockchain technology suite. GXCWorld created a highly customized version of EOS optimized for gaming. When asked from Kai Kim, the CEO at GXCWorld mentioned “We are creating a decentralized game platform where game players can enjoy game contents as well as make money. This paradigm shift introduces a new way of enjoying video games.”