Assured Safe Flight Travels with Aeron, Powered by Blockchain

Assured Safe Flight Travels with Aeron, Powered by Blockchain

Nearly 63 million jobs are provided by air travel, making the aviation industry a vital component in global business.

Younger people (e.g. millennials) who are in their 20s and 30s find investing money in foreign travel, as the best investment to expand their cultural experiences. Businesses are also enthusiastic about the aviation sector, like Dubai and Texas who are expecting Uber’s flying car to come by 2020. Recreational space travel is also becoming a reality that we can expect to likely see in next 20-30 years.

Airports and aviation platforms all over the world are optimistic about the applications of blockchain technology in the aviation sector. However, this sector requires a lot of transparency in its processes to improve the services provided to customers.

Current Problems Prevailing in the Aviation Sector

As per reports, there are 3,302 air transport accidents recorded every year. A major part of these accidents are due to human factors.

A flight log record can be easily forged which makes it difficult to validate the actual experience of a pilot. Adding fuel to the fire, there are a lot of bad practices happening without which some current pilots wouldn’t have been hired.

Some flight schools have also become corrupted, which help pilots to put in hours on paper.

It is also claimed that some aircraft operators “under-report” flight hours, which is big a problem, but saves them huge maintenance costs for the aircraft.

In addition to human factor errors, the aviation sector also saves customer and flight data. Hence, the protection of data-privacy seems to be a clear issue considering passenger records, the flight manifest, and crew information.

This shows clearly that there are less transparency and smoothness of data flow among the network members.

Aeron Blockchain Solutions

Now, blockchain technology seeks to enter the aviation industry through Aeron. Aeron is a global aviation register that operates on a  decentralized record system. The main feature of this technology applied to aviation, would be the eradication of risks of data-forging in the airline industry. The information could be safely stored and the processes will be completely transparent to every user in the network.

Source: Aeron Whitepaper

The underlying aim of the company is to create “airline in a pocket“- a smart blockchain based solution. The company makes this a reality with various mobile applications like pilot application company application, etc.

The Pilot Application

Source: Aeron Whitepaper

1. The pilot opens a mobile application>> selects “new flight”
2. Pilot select the Aircraft, enters FROM and TO airfield codes and OUT time
3. Application tracks location during flight and records the flight track
4. Once the flight is completed, IN time is recorded
5. The pilot is offered choices of FBO services at his destination airfield, featured or discounted services are highlighted
6. Once the flight is submitted to the blockchain, its status can be viewed, whether validated against AC operator log (for the same Aircraft) and ATC data (once the automated ATC data processing with Data Hub is set up)

The Company Application

Source: Aeron Whitepaper

1. Company employee opens the mobile application (iOS or Android)
2. The user receives data about the completed flight from the server (tracked by Pilot App)
3. The user adds information about oil, refueling, and remarks on the technical condition of the Aircraft
4. The user can assign a task to a technical specialist or maintenance organization for AC service
5. The user can manage Aircraft bookings through the application
6. Once the flight is submitted to the blockchain, it’s status can be viewed, whether validated against Pilot log (for the same Aircraft) and ATC data (once the automated ATC data processing with Data Hub is set up)

Source: Aeron Whitepaper

The passenger has to visit the web portal at Every sort of flight service is marked on a map in the webpage, related to flight travels like offers from local flight schools, private pilot, etc. Payment flexibility through fiat or cryptocurrency is available. Feedback can be submitted by passengers after the completion of their journey. Every flight booked ticket is validated against logs submitted by the pilot and the pilot’s experience which is updated on the web portal.

Token Sale

Aeron also has its own cryptocurrency token – Aeron (ARN). There are many reasons why this company has participated in a token sale instead of raising money through any other sources

  1. The company believes that this token will not only allow them to onboard participants from different regions but also it will incentivize the customer to promote the company’s products.

2. Tokens will help them create liquidity and there are traded in various global exchanges

3. A token smart contract will enable them for easy distribution of tokens to participants, instant payment with tokens carrying a higher level of security and transparency.


Source: Aeron Whitepaper

In this manner, Aeron adds in relation to various sections of the aviation industry like Pilots, Aviation Companies, Airlines, Aircraft Operators and Maintenance Companies and other businesses which are a part of this whole network.

Using Blockchain Technology the Company Creates:

  1. A transparent and clear relationship between the aviation businesses
  2. Improved speed of transactions
  3. Elimination of intermediaries
  4. High level of security
  5. Records that have been properly validated and is trustworthy

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