Blockchain-Based SingularDTV Teams Up With Puerto Rican Musicians To Raise Funds For Hurricane Victims


SingularDTV, an Ethereum-based platform that supports artists and content creators across the world by raising funds through digitizing their intellectual property has collaborated with a group of musicians in Puerto Rico to raise funds for Hurricane Maria victims.

A collective of Puerto Rican musicians known as El Marañejo is now using DTV to develop side projects to regain independence following the aftermath of the hurricane. The group has also organized a series of events to help raise funds to financially support people affected by the Hurricane.

The entire island was severely affected by the hurricane and as a result, the community of independent entrepreneurs and artists formed a collective with social charity as their main goal to help their fellow colleagues and other vulnerable groups. The collective held a series of events in a rehabilitated public space that served as a collection center for donations for both the victims and well-wishers.

SingularDTV, through its blockchain platform sponsored the artists to take up the tasks for fund-drive within the nation and beyond. For instance, in December 2017, the artists made several presentations and performances in various venues including New York City, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The initiative is full proof that blockchain can be used as a platform to reunite people of all walks around the world for a cause.

The independent musicians in Puerto Rico have been struggling to make their career for years, partially due to deep economic recession that plagued the island for a decade. The recent devastation brought by the Hurricane Maria left a number of the independent musicians helpless after losing not only the gigs but also their day jobs.

The independent musicians formed a Puerto Rico Independent Musicians and Artists (PRIMA) Fund. Through the PRIMA Fund-drive, a collective of musicians have engaged in various fundraising initiatives such as playing shows, selling tote bags, merchandise and releasing music albums e.g. Superando las Tormentas (Conquering the Storms).