How CEI Celebrated Human Achievement Hour?


On March 24, some people turned off their lights as part of “Earth Hour” observance. Kent Lassman, the President of Competitive Enterprise Institute, stated that at his organization, the planned to do something different. Instead of turning off lights, they observed “Human Achievement Hour”, wherein they shared their favorite human achievements on their social media platform. These achievements have somewhere made life happier, healthier and safer.

Human Achievement Hour marks as an annual celebration of progress and innovation. During this hour, people across the globe acknowledge human ingenuity and developments in every field from energy and health to transportation and communications. This evet was originally introduced as an alternative to “Earth Hour.”

When compared, Earth Hour is about showing concern related to climate change, wherein lights are turned off for an hour, while Human Achievement Hour is about celebrating human ingenuity and their way to solve issues creatively.

CEI President expressed that the blockchain has marked as one of the leading human achievements for this year. Blockchain, the platform created to power cryptocurrencies has grown exponentially in 2017. The several uses that society can provide to Blockchain are nearly infinite. Blockchain supports decentralization, which indicates that central authorities including governments and banks can be avoided using this unique platform. Besides that, this technology can keep note of what has been done.

As stated by the Harvard Business Review, the blockchain platform makes it almost impossible to tamper recorded data, leading in an open, distributed ledger to record transactions. Blockchain use is now contemplated by scholars too, who say that authors from a specific field will have the flexibility to find history of a discussed topic and more information on their research.

Lassman is also the CEO at the CEI, and looks after strategy for the free market enterprise, including communications and fundraising staff.