Crypto Maturing According To Rebellious Teenager Ajit Tripathi Of ConsenSys’


In a detailed interview with ConsenSys’ (a venture production studio that is based in Brooklyn) Ajit Tripathi on BlockShow Europe 2018, Cointelegraph had an opportunity to ask for his experience quitting Wall Street into the crypto world.

In a one-on-one exchange with Cointelegraphs’ Molly Jane, Tripathi explained more about ConsenSys and what it does stating that majorly the venture production studio create more startups, build technology, and they do create components, tools, infrastructure as well as provide solutions to the decentralized ecosystem.

According to him, the main reason for joining ConsenSys is simply the fact that he believes they are focused on innovation creating new things as well as doing a lot of experimentation. He talked about meeting Joe (Lubin), ConsenSys CEO who really inspired him.

However, he was quick to note that in overall the crypto ecosystem is really growing fast exciting many people to join who also look to grasp the opportunity for the amount of wealth in the ecosystem.

On his take about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation, Ajit admitted to having strong views over the issue stating that the whole thing looks really fantastic in theory but when it comes to practice, it gets hard as it makes individuals very concerned.

However, he said that a project is underway known as EU Blockchain in collaboration with the European Commission and they are open arms inviting blockchain ecosystem participants to as well engage in the process. To conclude the same he added that regulators and policymakers will adopt the GDPR eventually to this new technology coming up.

Speaking on the regulatory uncertainty he pointed out that mostly their no understanding clearly from the social process such as regulation and policy on what really is taking place. It seems like the regulatory approaches are based on a culture whereby he relates it to the way of handling kids who with time grow and become ‘the rebellious teenager’ hard to handle.

Fair enough he noted that there are a lot of projects that ConsenSys is working on currently which excites him a big deal.