Everything You Need to Know About This Tokyo Exchange Listed Cryptocurrency Giant: GMO Internet Inc.

Everything You Need to Know About This Tokyo Exchange Listed Cryptocurrency Giant: GMO Internet Inc. (TYO:9449) (OTCMKTS:GMOYF)

Source: GMO Internet Investor Presentation 2018

GMO Internet Inc. (TYO:9449) (OTCMKTS:GMOYF), a Japan-based International internet services company has many business segments. Recently, it launched a new Mining Machine called the GMO miner B3.

GMO miner B3 uses the mining ASIC 7nm process GMO72b, which was self-developed and mass-produced as a first in the world, as with GMO miner B2 (its previous version)

GMO Internet, Inc. provides internet related services to its corporate customers. The company offers domain, server, security and settlement services through its “WEB Infrastructure & EC” business, and assists companies in attracting web users through its “Internet Media” business.


Source: Bloomberg.com

Stock Quote

Source: Bloomberg.com

%Market Share position

The Company seems to hold Rank 1 – Market shares in each of its business segments:

Source: GMO Internet Investor Presentation 2018

Source: GMO Internet Investor Presentation 2018

Source: GMO Internet Investor Presentation 2018

Business Operations


“Internet for Everyone”

GMO Internet Group began its Internet-related business in 1995.
Since then they have striven to offer services that make the internet easier to use, richer, and more enjoyable under their above Slogan.


Create a new internet culture and industry, to inspire and bring smiles to the faces of the customers, and to contribute to both society and people everywhere.

Internet Infrastructure

Building the Internet foundation for people and industries

A domain that is an address on the Internet. Server to keep the data of homepage made by the customers. E-commerce solutions offering system required to operate online stores, payment required for a transaction on the Internet, such as online stores and security to boost safety.

GMO Internet Group offers their customers these one-stop services required to run businesses on the Internet.

Online Advertising and Media

Communicate and Spread through the Internet

GMO offers advertisement services that solve business issues faced by advertisers and online media, and SEO for homepage made by the customers to show up their search results at the top.

Internet Finance

Provide easy-to-use financial services through the Internet

For Internet Finance business, FX trading services have No. 1 transaction volume worldwide and Stock trading service’s market share is number 5.


Cryptocurrency Mining business plan

Source: GMO Internet Investor Presentation 2018

Cryptocurrency Mining business | Mining center

Source: GMO Internet Investor Presentation 2018

International transactions made easy

The Company operates a cryptocurrency mining business that supports mining infrastructure of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchange business that offers cryptocurrency trading service by leveraging the accumulated expertise Internet Infrastructure and Internet Finance.

Latest Financial Numbers

Overall picture

From the Q2’18 Consolidated Financial Results, It can be observed that:

Net Sales has increased by 22.8% YoY, Operating Profit surged by 57.2% YoY and Diluted EPS jumped YoY by 123.11% from 16.31¥ to 36.39¥.

In the Cryptocurrency segment, the Cryptocurrency exchange business recorded a profit as a result of implementing various measures after recording a loss temporarily in the three months ended March 31, 2018. But the Cryptocurrency mining business recorded a loss due to a declined profitability caused by a downturn in the macro environment although the expansion of mining facilities progressed as planned.

Consolidated Cash Flows

Source: GMO Q2’18 Financial Reports

Internet Infrastructure | Operating Profit

Source: GMO Q2’18 Financial Reports

Online Advertisement Services | Operating Profit

Source: GMO Q2’18 Financial Reports


The Company aims to pay its shareholders 50% of the Consolidated Profit. The company’s target dividend payout ratio is a minimum of 33% of consolidated net profit.

The company paid a quarterly dividend of ¥6.20 per share for Q2’18 (33.1% payout ratio).

Source: GMO Q2’18 Dividend Report


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