Google Joins Apple In Banning Crypto Mining Apps From Mobile App Store

Google Joins Apple In Banning Crypto Mining Apps From Mobile App Store

Google recently initiated a step towards fighting crypto jackers for which the company banned all the mining applications that were present in its mobile App Store. According to a recent report issued by industry media outlet concerned with Android application cyber crimes it was revealed that there has been an alteration in Google’s policy for Google Play developers.

The policy elaborated “We do not permit applications enabling crypto mining on devices. We, however, allow applications that may manage crypto mining.”

This restriction in policy is introduced when both colossal market players, Apple and Google have emerged with ways to curb malicious activities. Activities that are violating their platforms for such crimes, majorly associated with cryptocurrency mining.

This year in April, Google took the similar initiative by cutting off and banning cryptocurrency mining browsers from its chrome server. Google says the step was a massive decision taken after they found out the “Majority” was in noncompliance with their policies or was malicious.

Google’s extension Platform Product Manager revealed “Sadly, around 90% of all extensions associated with mining scripts that developers have uploaded were in strict noncompliance with Google’s policies. These uploads were done on the Chrome Web Browser, and when found out about the violation of single-purpose policy, all these extensions were rejected and similar existing scripts were removed.”

Moving on the similar path, Apple issued a new policy that comprised of a set of rules which elaborated on getting rid of crypto mining applications. Apple updated the policy for iOS-based developers to totally remove any application that can enable crypto mining on iOS devices.

Cryptojacking in general words is an act of hijacking a user’s device to mine cryptocurrency without any due permission from the user. The cases of such crime have rapidly’ increased, they are more prominent than cryptocurrency malware attacks, and experts have observed unsecured mobile applications as a major contributor to such crimes.

According to the last month report from the Russian Cybersecurity company called Kaspersky Lab, cases of cryptojacking has suddenly increased by 44.5 percent the last year.

Further, Skybox Security reported that malicious and illicit cryptocurrency mining has been more popular than cryptocurrency malware and ransomware. The firm recently added that crypto miners account for a total of 32% of all cyber attacks which are such a conspicuous number. On the other side, the ransomware attacks account for only 8%. With great steps taken against the same, during the end of last year, the report saw the figures where both were exactly reversed.

A search in the play store of Google still shows up a number of apps providing services for crypto mining, specifically designed to mine top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

The initiative for the removal of such apps has already started but it is still not known when such rules will be framed and how many such services will be removed from the App Store.