Google Searches For ‘Bitcoin’ Slump In Synchronicity With Bitcoin’s Price


According to the Google trend serach’s, Bitcoins were regarded as the most popular between the period’s of December surprisingly coinciding to the Bitcoins Prices which were valued above $20,000 in December 17th 2017

Having successfully attained its pick at that time, beginning mid- February, the searches have been recorded to downslide giving the search term a score of the19th highest searched item in the first half of march.

According to the trends cahrt, Bitcoins had a score of the 19th most searched Item back in the start of October 2017 during when its price was $4,300

Reports also indicate that the former Mt.Gox trustee had made sales of $400million worth of Bitcoins over the period between December to February which could indicate that the continuing downsizing for Bitcoins and the large sale might be connected

Google trend indicates that the searches for the term Bitcoins almost directly coincides to the Bitcoins prices thereby proving that the practical nature of cryptocurrencies shows that whatever happens online is indirectly connected to the crptocurrencies prices.

Thomson Reuters has over the past period interacted with the crptocurrency space in which by July 2017, the company had made announcements on on formation of new start-ups that support innovations in blockchains technology.

With regard to the decline in Bitcoins searches, Binance cryptocurrency exchange has made an offer of $250,000 bounty to help in the arrest of hackers who were involved in the 7th of March incident.

 In the announcement, the person who will supply information that will lead to the immediate legal arrest in any jurisdiction will receive the reward in Binance coins which is normally traded and used in the Binance exchange.

However they also stated that if there shall be multiple sources that could lead to the arrests, the bounty could easily be split amongst the sources.

The company has also made an allotment of up to $10 million in Crypto reserves that shall be used as future bounty awards on any attempts on hacking and has gone ahead to invite other companies to also follow the same trend they are setting in the bid to keep the bitcoins value in rise