HTC Announces Blockchain-Powered Android Phone


The recent years have seen an increase in interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. At some point, companies started including the word bitcoin in their names so as to raise their stock price.

HTC has announced that it will launch an Android smartphone powered by blockchain. The phone will be called HTC Exodus. This is the first smartphone from a dedicated and well known device maker that is built with blockchain encryption.

Could this be a comeback for HTC

For a long time HTC has been struggling to put with competition from some of the biggest phones makers in the industry. With a declining market share, many thought that the company was on its way out of the market. This is especially true considering that Google owns a considerable amount of stake in the company.

In a surprise turn of events, the company seem to be reinventing and like many other companies before its, it is positioning itself to reap from the raising blockchain industry. By is history, the company has been known for pioneering many ground breaking technologies. HTC was the first phone maker to produce Android smartphone. A little later, it came up with the first Google Nexus handset. The company also launched the world’s first Facebook also had two 4G-ready phones with the introduction of Wi-Max and 4G LTE a few years ago. HTC was the first to introduce a dual-lens camera long before many companies could pick up the idea and develop on it. Finally, the company was the first to produce the world’s first Pixel phones.

Features of the new blockchain phone

The phone will be made with a universal encrypted storage partition meant for storage of blockchain-based data securely. The storage will be used for any blockchain technology but in essence, it is meant for cryptocurrencies and will play the role of a local wallet. By allowing users to store their digital money on their smartphones, they are able to securely keep it from people who may wish to swipe it. The crypto field has been known for several cases of hacking and fraud. This has caused many investors to lose their money after exchanges are hacked. The new phone is expected to help evade some of the hacking problems.