Indian State Of Telangana Join Hands With Blockchain Firms To Upgrade Several Government Services

Indian State Of Telangana Join Hands With Blockchain Firms To Upgrade Several Government Services

As blockchain is the future which the world is going to witness, countries around the world are keen at adapting to this future. Governments around the globe are making their systems more flexible so that they can easily incorporate this technology and make themselves more efficient.

India’s local news agency The Business Standard reported on July 26 that the Indian State Of Telangana joins hands with blockchain firms by signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU’s) to streamline state government practices.

Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary Telangana acknowledged that six to seven state government applications will be incorporated with blockchain technology and in accordance to this they are terms of signing MoU with the firms that deal in this technology.

According to government officials, this step is taken to make services provided by the government more efficient and bring more clarity to the existing systems. Though, no light was shed on the particular sector that will be incorporated with the blockchain technology.

Jayesh Ranjan while talking at official press meeting for the 1st edition of the International Blockchain Congress on July 26 insisted that the state will be signing agreements during the event itself.

This mega event is expected to witness attendees of over 3000 as participants and more than 80 as speakers which include officials of several regional governments and a billionaire tech investor U.S. Tim Draper from the U.S. The event will be held in the capital city of Telangana i.e. Hyderabad. The International Blockchain Congress will be held on August 3 and 4 in the city and the conclusion of the conference will be on August 5 in Goa.

The billionaire tech investor Draper left Indian market in 2016 due to lack of “rule of law” allegedly, forcing Draper Fisher Jurvetson to hustle their complete Indian envelop. But now he’s back to set his feet in Indian market from February 2017. The investor appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiatives against corruption for the country but at the same time, he also criticized country’s anti-cryptocurrency attitude.

Adaptation of blockchains is coming more into consideration by state and municipal governments to make their functioning more efficient and their systems more transparent and secure. The Generalitat de Catalunya on July 25th admitted their plan of incorporating blockchain technology in all the domains of government services and public administrations by the end of this year. The government of Catalonia wishes to publicize this technology with an intention to improvise digital assistance to the citizens and encourage the probable of this budding technology among all sectors of the society.

This embryonic technology which is on verge of getting huge lapse in terms of its usage and application is getting acquired by all the large economies in the world.

The municipality in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh came together with tech giant IBM to built up a policy for augmenting transactions and services of the government by using blockchain technology. Earlier this month, this collaboration was done as the Government of Saudi Arabia is keen and active in making their services and systems more qualitative and technology adaptive by 2030 which comes under Saudi Vision 2030 program.