Rewards Users With Cryptocurrency (KNO)

472, a startup based in America that focuses on knowledge expertise announced recently that it’s rewarding its users with cryptocurrency tokens for displaying knowledge and expertise in a range of topics and allow the advertisers and marketers to keep the collected knowledge asset for different usage. For decades, knowledge owners have not been rewarded for demonstrating their knowledge, which is the most valuable asset.

The company is rewarding people for their knowledge with Ethereum-based KNO tokens. The initiative has attracted a huge interest among the users since its launch in the past few months. The company has developed a platform to collect and monetize the knowledge by allowing people to participate in various forums including Q&A ads sessions and other contests to show off their talents. The participants are then rewarded with tokens for their answers on various topics.

The firm’s Q&Ads platform is comparable to the Google Adwords. The podium allows the users including the advertisers to choose keywords for their target audiences based on different topics and levels of knowledge. The platform is fraud protection since it uses the machine learning and other latest technologies that can detect ad bots and block the fake content thus saving millions of dollars for the users. enables the advertisers to engage the users by customizing their ad messages depending on the level of knowledge they are in. The company’s knowledge system scores the knowledge level of people on varied topics to allow the advertisers assign the scores to the individuals.

With the Blockchain technology, the firm is significantly using the complex algorithms to ensure that their system is safe and reliable and to make sure that the fraudulent users are not rewarded. Furthermore, the company uses standards designed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to shortlist all the accredited publishers.

Meanwhile, another company, International Knowledge League (IKL), the maker of Trivia Star app has partnered with Kelly Blue Book to enhance the value of knowledge and education. At the same time, has partnered with Coinomi, a cryptocurrency-based firm in London to develop the digital technologies.