KodakOne Blockchain Image Rights Platform Generates Post Licensing Cases of Over $1 Million

KodakOne Blockchain Image Rights Platform Generates Post Licensing Cases of Over $1 Million

RYDE Holding has recently reported post-licensing cases of more than $1 million since the launch of blockchain-based KODAKOne Image Rights Management Platform. RYDE Holding formerly Wenn Digital Inc is the manufacturer and operator of the platform which was launched in October 2018.

The Post-Licensing Portal (PLP) has reportedly already generated about 1,667 new cases ever since its beta launch. Executives representing RYDE, KODAK, and partner ICOx Innovation are at the CES, where the plans to create the KODAKOne platform were first announced. The platform is perceived as a crucial tool for the image industry as it is designed to secure the work of agencies as well as photographers and enhance image sales providing adequate compensation to the services provider. The beta version of the platform as of now is operational and is being deployed by various agencies such as Food Centrale, Blaublut Edition and other independent photographers. It is hoped that the demand of the platform will escalating in the near future especially among international customers.

Jan Denecke the CEO of RYDE said that the unregulated nature of the current media landscape has made near to impossible for photographers to secure their work or prevent the way their assets are used. The beta version of PLP will ensure regular income of content creators who often victimized by image infringement, added Denecke. Nevertheless, it is just the beginning of the brilliant future that the PLP beholds. In the future PLP is likely to be integrated with blockchain which will further enrich PLP experience.

The PLP uses artificial intelligence backed by web crawler as well as image-recognition technology that enable photographers and agencies with reliable and secure online image tracking tool. The PLP also help in converting the infringers into customers. The tool provides the infringer a step-by-step guide to attain the license of the image without going through unnecessary legal disputes.

Commenting on the capabilities of PLP, Gudrun Wronski the CEO of Balublut said that it is highly crucial to Balublut Edition to provide the photographers with the right tools to help them grow their sales. The platform has enabled Balublut to market and license the images uploaded by the contributors while ensuring the license protection of the images to them. It will allow the firm to track any of the images being used without the official Blaublut Edition license. The platform not only helps track the infringers but also help in collecting the post-license fees on the behalf of Blaublut. This, in turn, adds to the extra revenue for Blaublut Edition’s photographers as well as provides new opportunities to new markets, territories, and client who otherwise would have been left undiscovered.

Although the KODAKOne PLP is capable of protecting the rights of the image creator, the inclusion of the blockchain technology will enable it to better prevent infringement of the images or any other digital asset in the near future.