Oscar Mayer Unveils Bacoin Hoping To Ramp Up Its Campaign


The latest move by Oscar Mayer is the unleashing of a limited number of tokens called Bacoins. One of the officials working for it in a recent interview disclosed that the recent step was part of their marketing campaign.

According to him, it was all about reaping from the great popularity of cryptocurrencies and as a bet it is focusing on the close spelling of Bitcoin and Bacoin. It goes without saying that Bitcoin sticks out from the rest as one of the most googled crypto terms.

The real nature of cryptocurrency of Oscar Mayer

As is always with the case with the rest of the tokens, the cryptocurrency of Oscar Mayer all the same pulls along with a ticker (BACN). It is also worth noting that its value keeps fluctuating on the basis of the supply/demand principle and this is with special reference to social media.

But, one thing that quite a significant number of people don’t comprehend is the fact that Bacoin is not traded against fiat money as well as with a wide range of the other cryptocurrencies. More often than not it is usually exchanged for slices of Oscar Mayer bacon.

Latest developments

As per this moment in time, one needs to pay nine slices of bacon in order to obtain one Bacoin. The point that has been interesting most of the people who  have been keeping up with the latest developments is the fact that the token has all along remained more volatile in a fashion that no one could have expected.

Initially, it stood at 14 slices eventually peaking at 24 slices. Within less than 24 hours, reports indicated that it had moved down by almost three slices. The other place that this information could be found at was the chart that was showcased on the promo page.

The term ‘mining’ for the business guru simply refers to the registration of a Bacoin giveaway. Most of the users are compelled to share the promotion on Twitter since that is the most ideal way to prop up the value of Bacoin.

The brand manager for Oscar Mayer, Matt Riezman, in making a statement outlined that Bacoin was poised to deliciously revolutionize the entire market of crypto.