Panxora Uses Cryptocurrency As Collateral To Trade Stocks

Panxora Uses Cryptocurrency As Collateral To Trade Stocks

Panxora is an exchange that allows its customers to avail return from crypto assets without harming their position in the asset market. The exchange accepts a number of cryptocurrency as collateral which includes Bitcoin, Ether classic, Litecoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash to further allows its users to trade ETFs and more than 500 stocks from different countries including Hong Kong, Germany, the UK, and the US.

Since last year, many investments have been seen into cryptocurrency. With the initial rise and fall in 2017, a solid base is formed in the price of cryptocurrency. People, with considerable assets, who tied up in crypto find themselves with insufficient options for producing returns for their capital and it’s a big problem with this approach.

Panxora as a solution provides crypto owners a much better option rather than just focusing on their assets. With any sort of capital, the investors have a right to utilize their cryptocurrency to generate returns out of it. Panxora ensures the owners of cryptocurrency to have direct access to stock, currency, and other asset classes through ETF trading despite having to trade out of cryptocurrency first.

The co-founders of Panxora are having great careers working in few of the most successful private financial companies in the world. It has been continuously giving uninterrupted service to the crypto space from past 5 years. Initially, it was known with the name “First Global Credit” and now it is Panxora. It will provide the owners of cryptocurrency the same freedom to try financial opportunities as traditional currency holders.

Gavin Smith, the CEO of Panxora said that currently it is an exchange which gives cryptocurrency owners direct access to various stock and currency markets. He further added that it is a first step to move to their goal to abolish the difference between cryptocurrencies and fiat in terms of financial opportunities. Smith further added that looking forward, Panxora will continue to provide even more options that will be within the reach of crypto asset owners. Gavin concluded that everything they do will be aimed at that goal only.

Panxora was founded in 2014 and since its inception, the company has always focused on providing its users with similar opportunities irrespective of their interest in cryptocurrency or fiat currency. The company has rich experience in traditional financial technology as well as cryptocurrency market, which its co-founder used to introduce Panxora to the stock market that backs crypto assets.

The development, however, was similar to the AICoin which deploys proprietary machine learning to exchange the cryptocurrency markets. The company was in news for its products that focus on enhancing the experience of the customers. The company is now expected to launch a cryptocurrency aimed hedge funds dubbed Panxora Crypto in the beginning of 2019. For the hedge funds, the company has engaged with proprietary assets for more than a year. The product with others is likely to provide more opportunities to crypto-asset holders.