Securitize, Compliance Platform For Digitizing Securities Will Be In IBM Blockchain Accelerator Program


10 Companies that have joined the IBM Blockchain Accelerator program have been disclosed and Securitize, a Compliance Platform for digitizing securities is one among the 10 selected for the blockchain program.

“Securitize” – the Compliance Platform

The idea behind the Company of acting as a “Compliance Platform for digitizing securities” is pretty interesting. The CEO has perfectly explained in a recent interview about the working of the Company in simple terms. He says if once we buy some Apple shares from NASDAQ, at that instant we (buyer) do not own it legally. The SEC and other Depository Institutions run the trading and settlement cycle behind the scenes which takes around 2-3 days for complete transferring of ownership of the stocks in the name of the buyer. The Company Securitize aims and implements “instant settlement” in this regard. This means one will own the shares as soon as he purchases it. Securitize makes the compliance check for such instant ownership transfer using blockchain technology.

The Mission of the Company is to sustain at the top position in terms of the platform that enables compliance of digital securities issuance and liquidity over the blockchain technology. The platform runs with backbone architecture of DS Services (Digital Securities Services) and interaction between the layers of the architecture happens using DS Protocol. All the features and tools of the protocol are equipped based on “Smart Contract” with AirSwap. Carlos Domingo, the Co-founder & the CEO of the Company said that their ultimate goal is to develop the World’s First Debt Issuance platform with underlying blockchain technology in the current 2019.

The IBM blockchain program will have a duration of 3 months, after which Securitize would demonstrate the team regarding what they want to build for their potential clients. The CEO, Mr. Domingo, plans for integration of their platform with the IBM’s HyperLedger technology.

IBM Blockchain Accelerator Program

IBM Blockchain Accelerator Program is crafted to develop and support blockchain companies all over the world. IBM aims to help and encourage emerging blockchain companies to foster growth and contribute to the first generation of blockchain business networks. Here Columbia University is collaborating with IBM to provide the interested Companies with a proper tailored program delivered by the industry experts. The program after the theory learning focusses on actual hands-on value-adding workshops, mentoring and interaction with the clients.

There are two blockchain accelerator events which will be conducted by IBM this year, as per latest information released by IBM. The First Accelerator program is called as “NETWORK” which will begin by January 2019, designed for later stage growth companies. The Second Accelerator program is called as “LAUNCH” which will commence by March 2019, designed for pre-seed, idea-stage companies.

IBM believes that Blockchain is a team sport and collaboration is the key.


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