SelfPay Asia Intends To Make Cryptocurrency Standard Payment Option


Introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency has been nothing short of a revolution. Every other day start-ups and enterprising units are coming out with innovative business ideas based on blockchain-based technology. The same is true for Bitcoin (BTC), which was launched in 2009 and ever since then have inspired the influx of hundreds of altcoins in the market.

Factors Stopping Surge Of Bitcoin

Since the launch of cryptocurrency, there has been an ongoing debate between the crypto experts whether the virtual currency has the capacity to bring a revolutionary change in the world or not. Many believe that Bitcoin will become the single currency of the world in the coming 10 years. However, despite all these statements, many countries, top-most banks and even business people are yet to accept the digital currency completely.

There are multiple factors that can be stopping the surge of Bitcoin into the mainstream such as lack of regulation and slow transaction speeds. But these factors may soon get eliminated as many countries are talking of bringing in regulation and solving the scalability problems related to Bitcoin. However, a concrete solution is yet to be found.

SelfPay Intends To Change Cryptocurrency’s Future

The Next Web plans to change all this by entering the business world with SelfPay Asia. The point of sale aggregator wants to change the future of cryptocurrency with the introduction of this point of sale system that will accept all the international credit and debit cards. The Next Web wants to make cryptocurrency a standard payment option that can be used anytime, anywhere and SelfPay Asia is its idea of achieving the goal.

SelfPay will operate using a native token (SxP) acting as a conduit between the fiat currency and virtual currency. The intention of SelfPay Asia is to come up with a habit-forming product. This set up will ensure that the customers will not have to change their payment habits or behaviors in order to use cryptocurrency. The users will have to pay using their debit or credit card and the SelfPay system will complete the rest of the process. The Next Web believes keeping the cryptocurrency transactions so simple will increase its acceptance into the mainstream financial world.