Shivom Plans To Reward Users For Sharing Genomic Data For Research


Shivom, an emerging blockchain based firm, announced recently that it will reward its users for donating genomic data to be used by scientists. Access to the genomic data is one area that most researchers have been focusing on for a long time as they develop customized medicines.

Shivom is a blockchain healthcare platform that intends to create one of the world’s leading genomic data and healthcare research hubs in the near future. The data will be collected from the selected participants and stored safely so that the scientists can access it. The participants will also benefit from their own personalized health data as well as the financial support from the project. For instance, the participant’s risky medical condition detected can be analyzed and treated at an earlier stage.

The company will store the collected data on its tight blockchain security system that will only allow the third parties with a recognized and paired private key to access the information. In addition, Shivom has created an open marketplace for healthcare providers to share their genomic data analytics and personalized medicine through their own apps and other platforms.

Shivom’s project will be supported by OmiX tokens that will be used to reward the participants for donating their data, accessing the genome database, and acquisition of the sequencing kits used in the project. Furthermore, Shivom announced recently that it’s collaborating with the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in India to enhance the healthcare sector, particularly in genetic science and FinTech.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is planning to restructure its healthcare system to offer customized care to the patients basing on the Shivom’s platform that will explore the possible means of diagnostic services to the patients while at the same time ensuring the privacy of individual’s data on the company’s blockchain technology.

Shivom is advancing the genomic data through its blockchain technology by protecting and personalizing the healthcare data to improve the lives of patients across the world.