SingularityNET Brings Combination of Blockchain and AI


Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence is the one which is demonstrated by machines in contrast to the natural intelligence which is portrayed by humans and other animals. The theoretical definition of AI according to computer science, says “AI is defined as a study of intelligent agents ie any device that perceives its environment and takes action that maximizes its terms of successfully achieving its goals”.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is like giving the cognitive capabilities of humans, to machines, which the machine achieve through gradual learning and problem-solving processes. The scope of AI is disputed, as machines can over time replace humans and work more efficiently.

AI critics today are concerned over the fact that many projects are mostly focused on and produced as “Narrow AI“. Catching up this point, we have two of this kind: Narrow AI and General AI. Narrow AI is where we are now and General AI is something where we are heading to, probably to accomplish in the near future. IBM’s Watson is an example of a Narrow AI where Watson is programmed to perform one particular task (To beat human experts in Jeopardy!), while Sophia of SingularityNET is more of General AI, something which is more sophisticated, possessing the cognitive abilities and general experimental understanding of its environment with humans.

Diversified Dataset Access for AI Development Through Blockchain Technology

As we know, key features of Blockchain Technology include decentralization, transparency, high level of security, and access to the network from anywhere in the world. This technology backs up its products such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. It has other payment based applications found many useful applications in various industries across the globe such as the shipping industry, food industry, health industry, etc.

Image: Sophia of SingularityNET

Here now we have got to see some beautiful interfaces with the collaboration of AI and blockchain. SingularityNET is one such example of a firm well specifically focussed on the same note of combination. The company is visioned on using blockchain technology to broaden the distribution of data and algorithms, which will help the development of Artificial Intelligence and the creation of first of its kind “Decentralized AI”.

The company is aiming to materialize General AI which can be obtained with consistent interaction with humans of different types. This will make Sophia (the AI bot of SingularityNET) more advanced with various communication traits and the concepts of human reaction and interaction. Getting datasets together on a blockchain platform will help speed the process of Sophia’s learning. Now things must be pretty clear and you must able to differentiate and understand humanoid robots like for instance Sophia and Alexa.

Image: Alexa of Amazon

Blockchain networks can also be used to share more AI services there in it will encourage and allow interaction between the AI services, enhancing each others’ intelligence and creativity. Adding to all of this there are also various open marketplaces, like Ocean Protocol, which allows one to upload any kind of data. Users who want to access resources will have to pay in cryptocurrency.

The main thing here is, that there is no Central party controlling the whole data system rather everyone has access to the data. By the adoption of a decentralized what are the most important thing as a customer, we will get to know is that our own data is being weaponized against us by the Companies. Trying to say that the Companies go through our browsing style, interests and make patterns which will be next time used as a marketing strategy against us, as they are pretty sure that we will click it.


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