Slush Pool And ASIC Boost Compatibility Announced


In the spring of 2017, a discussion about expertise dubbed ‘ASIC Boost’ was well-thought-out to be a great debate amongst bitcoin proponents.

The supporters of Bitcoin core (BTC) have been surprisingly upset by the agency Bitmain Technologies as well as its owner Jihan Wu who allegedly utilized ASIC Boost covertly, although the company is denying doing so.

In compliance with the experiences, the mining operation Slush Pool is compatible with ASIC Boost after the controversy was over and done with, an organization called ‘Little Dragon Technology’ made it open and available for any firm in the form of Blockchain Defensive Patent License (BDPL).

There was a robust debate last year about the use of technology referred to as ASIC Boost,  an enhancement giving mining chips about 20 to 30 percent more efficiency. ASIC Boost was invented by two developers: Sergio Lerner and Timo Hanke., though Bitmain was accused of using the knowledge secretly in spring last year, and bitcoin core supporters called it an “attack or exploit.”

Greg Maxwell became the first start the heated debate saying that miners who were secretly using the technology could compete with other mining pools efficiently and profit by up to $100 million or even more annually.

After the revelation by Maxwell, most people turned to blaming Bitmain Technologies and Jihan Wu who is its founder. Although Wu and his company denied the allegations, Bitmain holds patents for the ASIC Boost technology in China, but this has no substantial proof that to she the company used it covertly.

Most vocal supporters of this essential software program became upset with Jihan Wu and his company Bitmain through social media and variety of forums all over the internet.

When the facts unfolded like wildfire April 2018, the founder of Slush Pool, Marek Palatinus, spoke about ASIC Boost being an “attack” and referred to it as “free hashrate” in a long and suggestive tweet

Reports state that Slush Pool is now fully compatible with ASIC Boost. There are no devices for mining which support ASIC Boost protocol except the accusations of covert use are valid.