TRON (TRX) Tops Trading Charts In India


TRON (TRX) is leading the crypto trading list making it the most popular virtual currency on the Koinex chart in India. According to Justin Sun, TRX is increasingly becoming a popular cryptocurrency in India than BTC, ETH, Ripple. TRON is also on top of the list with huge figures recorded on Binance, Upbit, and Huobi.

According to the market analysts the value of TRON is likely to grow even further with a net value of $1 TRX in the near future. In addition, with the expansion of Binance operations to malts, the TRX volumes will increase drastically. TRON is expected to rapidly expand to Europe.

Binance has been the leading crypto exchange platform for TRON and its expansion to Mediterranean region will give TRX great opportunities for growth and development particularly for blockchain-based entities.

TRON has also partnered with BitGuild to enhance its value in the market. BitGuild is basically a gaming platform that is uniquely based on the Blockchain technology unlike other traditional gaming platforms. The platform tries to solve various problems facing the firms and individual users in the gaming industry.

The partnership is intended to bring a new gaming experience whereby the players are allowed to hold ‘shares’ on their gaming items while playing a game on the BitGuild platform that could be monetized in a form of BitGuild’s PLAT tokens.

BitGuild intends to utilize the TRON’s blockchain technology to embrace the new improvements in the gaming industry and transform its offerings. The collaborated platform will also focus on the gaming entities and game developers to enable them have authority and right over their own intellectual property.

TRON might take over the world in the future with huge volume and market cap and may soon expand to North America especially in Canada. In India, TRX, which is still a new cryptocurrency, could become the new Bitcoin as the investors value TRX more that the BTC in the whole region.