TrustedHealth Uses Blockchain To Link Patients To Medical Specialists


TrustedHealth, an established healthcare entity has launched a Blockchain-based platform to transform the lives of ill patients suffering from chronic medical conditions. The company will link the patients to the world’s medical specialists regardless of where they are located across the globe.

The patients are using the platform to obtain instant consultations from their specialized doctors thus enhancing the safety of the patients’ information. Furthermore, the company will enable the patients to seek for a second opinion from specialists about what exactly they are ailing from.

According to Greg Jarząbek CEO of TrustedHealth, patients are increasingly facing the problem of mistrust in the healthcare industry due to rising cases of misdiagnosis worldwide. Furthermore, a large number of patients have lost lives due to negligence and poor treatments offered to them by their first doctors. As a result, it’s becoming so difficult to find the right medical practitioners since the medical expertise is scattered all over the world and currently there’s no a platform that can link up the two parties.

The company realized the gap in the market and has come up with a solution to give the patients a chance to seek for the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment that might not be available within their localities. The new service will guarantee the patients and their families a simpler way to access a wider range of medical services without worrying about the time, finances, or the location for their treatment plan.

TrustedHealth is a digital healthcare platform that connects patients, doctors, clinics, research institutions, hospitals, laboratories and more. The company focuses on offering special treatments with the main goal of enhancing the lives of the patients and sharing with others the research insights on the chronic and life-threatening diseases.

The company plans to venture into the large-scale projects in the near future by expanding its network beyond the current virtual consultation services and second opinions to the emerging ecosystems. Through its platform, both patients and doctors will have a non-routine way of moving within the healthcare process that comprises of the initial consultation, medical insurance, laboratory services, treatment tasks, and travel and payment options.