Uber, E*Trade Vets Soon To Roll Out No-Fee Crypto Exchange Platform

Uber, ETrade Vets Soon To Roll Out No-Fee Crypto Exchange Platform

According to a report from Fortune, ‘Voyager’, a new cryptocurrency exchange trading platform will roll out very soon in the market. Unlike other trading platforms, the new yet to launch cryptocurrency exchange will allow users to trade different cryptocurrencies. The only difference being, this exchange will not charge any trading fee from its users.

As the crypto world is heading towards commission free crypto trading market, the new platform will definitely attract crypto enthusiast at large scale.

Oscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber is said to be the founder of Voyager along with Philip Eytan who is one of the ride-hailing app’s early investors. Former founder and CEO of retail brokerage Lightspeed Financial ‘Stephen Ehrlich’ is said to be the CEO of the exchange platform. Ehrlich was earlier the part of E*Trade which is the online stock broker platform that was acquired by Lightspeed.

Voyager, at the initial stage, is planning to list out 15 cryptocurrencies. This list of 15 cryptocurrencies will be finalized from the list of best-performing 25 networks that will include popular currencies coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin cash etc.

Stephen further revealed to Fortune about Voyager that the new exchange will include other uncommon cryptocurrencies such as Stellar’s Lumens or Ripple that will help new user to know about the desired currencies. These currencies are said to be those currencies which are still not listed by U.S exchanges. He also mentioned, “If you see it being traded today by some of the most prominent players, we will definitely have those plus some.”

This week, the beta testing of the exchange platform is going to begin. It is expected by the end of October traders can download the original app and start doing trading of currencies.

Another benefit that will be offered under the app is that users will be able to get support for crypto news and analysis. For an institutional investor segment, one can also take help from additional tools that will be available within the app.

According to the most recent update by the company, Voyager is right now in the process of securing licenses in the U.S states. Currently, Voyager’s is approved in different states that include New Hampshire, California, Missouri, and Montana. When Stephen was questioned regarding the licensing of the exchange platform, he mentioned, “We don’t think crypto has been adopted yet by the masses in the United States”.

Despite getting the approval from certain states in the U.S A, Voyager also has the app approval application pending in other states such as New York.